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Working with Jorja is the best gift that I have ever worked, given and experienced for my life and myself.  She has an incredibly nurturing and powerful way to open, encourage, push and give confidence to shift, heal and evolve.  When I started working with Jorja, I was in a negative relationship with myself, my body, food, career, in my relationships, and how I related to the world. I never imagined all the changes that were possible in all aspects of my life.  It would take me a very long time to describe in entirety how impactful, both in subtle and gigantic ways, this has occurred. So, if you are reading this, you are so lucky! Go for it and work with Jorja and show up for you. She instinctually guides and supports me and my process in just the right way and it is a beautiful evolution. Now, I live from a place where I can love and receive love, feel, hear my voice, live with awareness and be me. I have opened myself in a way I never thought possible. I am living the life I want and dreamed, as me. Thank you Jorja.  These are just two words, so short, to describe all of my gratitude. A.S.

“When I started working with Jorja Rivero I was in a lot of pain and was confused about what I wanted for myself. She’s provided an open and nourishing space for me to cultivate my awareness and creativity. I’m learning to honor my inner voice and trust what I feel to be true. With her compassionate assistance I feel I’m on the road to a life that is truly mine and truly expressive.” – Matt P.

“Working with Jorja Rivero has without doubt changed me, my life and what I know to be possible. A few things I work with in myself that have been tapped by the work I’ve done with Jorja are: SHOWING UP FOR ME, having ALL OF ME (even when others don’t make space for this – I have learned and continue to learn – how to provide this space for myself in any moment or situation), and how I AM ENOUGH. Jorja has led me to become aware of my ability to take ownership of myself and also of my ability to disown myself. Both of these abilities are incredibly important – yet my awareness of them especially so. This process has fed my expansion, growth, fluidity, self permission, and grace.” – J.L.A.

“Working with Jorja Rivero is sweet and powerful. Her unique approach and intuition allowed me to connect with myself in a deeper level, explore what comes up and investigate with clarity and support all the important moments. There is always something new to learn with Jorja and I love that” – V.F.

“Jorja Rivero’s exceptional teaching skills are just a natural extension of her vibrant center. She’s a generous mentor to me in my practice:  studying with her has both refined my methodology as a yoga teacher and given new alignment to my spirit.” – AC

“Jorja Rivero helped me find and re-welcome my truest self. She has helped keep me on the path towards authenticity. Working with Jorja has given me a safe place to voice the buried and unacknowledged parts of myself. Connecting and nurturing my relationship to myself and those closest to me has led to a greater experience of integration, wholeness and life full and fully lived. I would highly recommend working with Jorja to anyone who is committed to working them selves out and getting the most of connecting in.” – JACK

“I started work with Jorja Rivero years ago during a very chaotic time in my life. As closed as I was, Jorja had the patience and wonderful personality to open me up and really work with me to understand myself. I lost touch with Jorja and therapy for years, but as I have entered a new period in my life I needed someone like Jorja again. I have begun therapy again with her and I am developing new ways to think about myself. I picked Jorja because she’s patient, empathetic, and will bring humor to the table to make me feel comfortable during difficult situations. I recommend her to anyone who seeks therapy. I believe a good therapist is hard to obtain and I know she’s one of the best. You will laugh and you will cry but you will leave the session so much better and a little wiser. I am currently working on having a different perspective on negative notions. Try it once…from personal experience I can tell you, you won’t be sorry” – Kari

“On my journey towards healing and self discovery I crossed paths with an amazing teacher and guide. Our Gestalt psychotherapy work was more than enlightening: it was spiritual, inspirational, and painfully magical. I am blessed to have worked with Jorja Rivero. Her work is personal and human” – B.R.

“Jorja Rivero is a dynamic catalyst– not only for personal yoga practice, but for personal growth and evolution. Jorja’s spontaneous heart, genuine presence and overall being is a surge of joy to behold. Her classes provide a safe container for exploration and expansion– both in the postures and in alignment with our hearts and our innermost desires.” – L.K.Hickman

 “Jorja Rivero masterfully weaves yoga and gestalt therapy. Her anusara inspired classes are  always insightful. Always fun. I leave class with an open heart and a greater appreciation for the wonders that surround us every day.  Jorja is a delight and a truly inspirational teacher.” – Tyler

“Working with Jorja Rivero as my therapist has been life-changing. She gets to the point quickly. By posing questions that are challenging and incisive, she helps you clarify issues and helps you find your own answers. She provides new perspectives and challenges your assumptions. She also isn’t afraid to let you know how much she genuinely cares — a quality one doesn’t often find with many psychotherapists. Jorja brings the same attention to detail and challenging spirit to her yoga instruction, from which I have also benefited and hugely enjoy. She is a gift to me in many ways.” – S.M.O.

“Learning to support myself in asana has translated beautifully to all other aspects of my life. Jorja Rivero’s yogic choreography encourages depth; this encouragement makes space for me and I am able to go deeper in my body and deeper within myself to discover, revel in and own lost aspects of myself. Jorja’s ability to guide me through asana challenges me and opens my body and psyche so deeply there are times I leave her class experiencing a bright translucent quality to my body, spirit and energy.” – J.L.A.

“Jorja Rivero is a pleasure to work with in a group therapy environment. She is compassionate, insightful and wise beyond her years.” – S.S.

“Jorja Rivero is the best-kept secret in New York. A yoga teacher who’s also a therapist? I am only in a month and I can se how my body has changed: I’m stronger and feel lighter, with a clear head and a full heart. Yes, she’s sexy and magical and goofy – even when she is pushing you to the edge. That is what makes working so hard so rewarding – and so fun.” – K.S.M.

“About my dearest and most admired yoga instructor, the one I get most inspired by “” Jorja Rivero “” she is very special, an opinion shared by many who have taken her classes with me. She’s energetic, inspiring, and has always prepared a class to challenge you. She pushes you to get the best out of yourself. Her psychotherapeutic knowledge led me to come up with the word thera-yoga-peutic session. Certainly attending Jorja’s class is an energizing session that cleanses the soul. Each class has been a powerful experience for me, so, Jorja…thank you, you have changed my life and inspire me to become a better person, you energize my body, and enrich my soul by simply being you” – J.E.