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EXPANSION: Gestalt Psychotherapy is an artful spoken meditation. It is a process that empowers us to recognize the potency of our presence, the inherent wisdom in our fluid experience & the healing power available in relating to another human being. Dialogue, deep listening & noticing of your body, & questions turned into statements reveal your needs & desires. Your insights are powerful fuel to be mobilized into new congruous behaviors. EXPAND your perspective, awaken possibility & intuition & learn to rely on your creativity to integrate what is unfinished & live your life to its fullest. Clarify & define what is important to you & reawaken your resourcefulness. Become response-able as you acknowledge & engage. Align your mind, body, & emotional life : EXPAND into a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with yourself & the world.

EXPANSION : Moving Meditation Yoga is a practice geared to anchor you back into your body and senses: the house of wisdom & presence. An intentional softening of unnecessary effort renders you receptive to your organic unfolding & that space deeply settles & expands your mind, heart & body. Curiosity, discovery & experience reveal your deepest desires & needs. Connection & insight are an invitation to use your creativity, actions, choice & freedom to fully embody yourself in the moment. This practice, like any of my services, is uniquely catered. Through movement, meditation, & yoga you venture to rekindle & celebrate awareness & deeply understand that your mind & body are not separate  
photo by Timur Civan

photo by Timur Civan

Jorja Rivero, LMSW in private practice, yoga & meditation teacher. She has a masters from NYU & post-gradute clinical training from The Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy. Her yoga training began in 2003 & she studied extensively with Zhenja la RosaRoss RayburnElena Brower, & Chris Chavez. Additionally she’s trained to facilitate meditation in transformative & experiential ways. Jorja’s passionate love for her work is undeniable. Her genuine care & interest are palpable & present. With fierce love & support she encourages individual exploration & discovery to heal the mind, body, & heart relationship. She knows that the landscape of your experience, body, & senses are a sacred unending reservoir of unfolding wisdom, creativity, & insight. Jorja embraces the complexity of the human experience & provides experiential guidance to heal, restore & integrate what remains unfinished. Her years of practice continue to deepen & clarify her passionate vision to empower clients to access their life force & embody themselves as being  enough. Working with Jorja is an invitation to meet head & heart on the space of possibility & expansion.

Additionally, Jorja teaches Goddess Embodied™ workshops that inspire & support women to free up their inner & outer resources. A creative profound blend of movement & meditation that enlivens curiosity, discovery, wisdom, desire, playfulness, sensuality & femininity ~ all ~ gateways to live life fully. All workshops are a unique opportunity to imprint your mind, body, & life with knowing that you are enough. The rhythm of your experience opens up the space for you to return to your exquisite nature : you are a goddess embodied.