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I am so excited and delighted about this collaborative effort. This retreat is a dream come true for the three of us and it is bound to fit the description of your dream come true retreat.

Reboot your life at the start of 2016 with this cleanse-based yoga retreat in the primary rainforest on the legendary Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. I hope the words : cleanse, yoga, surf, improv, relaxation, and rejuvenation ~ get you excited ~ they have me saying more than one big : YES!

This 6-day retreat in paradise will press the reset button on your mind, body and spirit. Food and yoga! The gentle 6-day cleanse and delicious food will be curated by Dr. Cory, an exceptional and intuitive naturopathic doctor. And my beautiful long time friend and inspiration yoga teacher Ashleigh Sergeant and I will lead you through a attuned daily therapeutic yoga practice to not only facilitate but support your experience. Keep in mind that some of the best surfing (for all levels) abides in Costa Rica and it’ll be at your doorstep. Surf the famous breaks of Matapalo, Backwash, and Pan Dulce or just relax by the lagoon pool as you take in the sounds of the jungle. Come play ~AND~ return to your life rested, energized, fit, healthy and feeling soothed and happy.

Luxury suites and high-end accommodations will be assigned on a first come first serve basis so click here to reserve your spot ASAP. 

Our luxurious and totally off grid host is the beautiful Osa Clandestina – where the land, air, and water are thick with a menagerie of animal life ~ from sea turtles and whales to scarlet macaws, and yes, even jaguars. The lodge sits on a verdant hillside, only a five minute walk from the beach. This region is the epicenter of biodiversity on the planet, with more than 2% of the world’s species in our backyard (that’s more than all of N. America!). Clandestina’s property is also the home of a 1,300 year old sacred Ceiba tree (the tree from Avatar) and provides endless opportunity to interact with the healing power of the jungle.