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photograph by Timur Civan

photograph by   Timur Civan

Learn to receive yourself, connect deeply & experience the satisfaction that you access when you live in meaningful contact with your mind, heart & body. Your feelings are responses, they do not emanate from thin air. The more honest you learn to be with yourself, the more you EXPAND into the intimate space of meaning; the space that is only for you to enter to receive the unbound potency of your uniqueness, desire, will & creative power. Here, you reveal your authenticity, inner wisdom & wholeness. I offer distinct services : gestalt psychotherapy & moving meditation yoga, and with deep care, I support each client to empower their journey through their direct experience. Listen to your intentionality & choices & learn from your limits. Trust the fluidity of your longing for it is the stability that yields your EXPANSION. You are an organic process alive & in constant transformation ~ contraction & expansion ~ & that pulsation is the aliveness of your experience, truth, process, will, alignment & actions. The services I offer, are practices that holistically & synergistically expand one’s whole being & life. I have experienced & witnessed for almost two decades the value in each ~ individually & concurrently ~ & I continue to thrive & grow into the compelling awakening that they offer : this is how ~ the word expansion ~ continues to choose me.